Friday, 20 June 2008

New home!

my games, products and stuff now has a new home!

hope it is as helpful as this blog was, feel free to comment on any of the items there.
you may also be intrested in the new "spin the black circle" update
(currently on the front page)
alternatvley here

Monday, 9 June 2008

Poddle v1.3

hello, i have an update to my poddle game
(firstly ild like to reiterate that no popcap content was used, all images are recreated)

anyway, im happy to bring you:
Limited balls
score multiplier.
(which are the two most requested features since the last update).


Hope you like these additions (which really make the game a lot more challenging!)
thankyou for your donations everybody.

anyone else may click here :p

thanks for your time, i'm glad you enjoy it so much!

I now have a new home!
for poddle in particular, visit