Saturday, 31 May 2008

Spin the black circle b1

Its project-reveal time:

im making a new game for the iPhone/ipod touch
(this time with the developer's cooperation)

i have lots of testers now,
ill keep you updated on public releases.

btw- here is the orignal


iSkippy said...

This is great , please sign me up as a beta tester please.

Jacob said...

Looks awesome, can i be a beta tester please?

LgChicken said...

you can add me to windows live messenger (aka msn)
if you are familiar with the orignal and want to test.

Gurra said...

That game rocks! can I be a beta tester?
My mail is

Anonymous said...

i would like to be a beta tester pleas email me

Mark said...

When do you think this will be released to the public?

Kenzie said...

Add me as a beta tester please