Thursday, 15 May 2008

Poddle update - peggle clone

New version of my peggle inspired game:
currently codenamed:
"Peg all" or "Poddle"


  • complete rewrite in toolchain (from jiggy)
  • Much better collision reponce ( now the ball balances on pegs, rather than falling through them)
  • A lot less lag: runs smoother, and supports way more pegs
  • Fullscreen (in the right orientation this time)
  • Many other improvments.

two known bugs:
-the last peg cant be removed
-shooting directly downwards means dividing by zero, impossible. (but ill bend the laws of maths in the next release)

download here:
This time you dont need jiggy runtime

This is now on the modmyifone repo
feel free to comment on this site


Anonymous said...

Took a quick look at this. Pretty interesting, though delta time seems to be very high. Shortening it may give you better collisions (unless you're using continuous physics -- I can't tell at this speed) as well as a lower framerate (might need to add in some sleep(), too.) Currently I think the action happens a bit too quickly.

I'm having trouble imagining what is causing you to divide by zero when aiming straight down, is it the display of the path, or does it also happen when the ball is running?

Finally, I don't see the source. Is this to say you're not open-sourcing it, or did I miss some link?

LgChicken said...

you right about the speed,
i have slowed it down a bit now.

with aiming directly down:
the angle is worked out through the tan function, however tan(infinity) is 90 degrees downwards.
it doesnt like dividing by zero to find inifinity, so ill just overide that manually.

its not open source atm, we'll see.