Monday, 19 May 2008

Poddle, beta 1.2

beta 1.2 is done!
orange pegs,
1 player scoring.
new game button
updated interface.

most important next steps:
ball limit
score multiplyer

its on the modmyifone repo now (in community sources).


Brian said...

I looove this game!
Thanks so much for making it for the iPod!

TJ said...

I've been following this game since you launched it, and I've seen nothing but improvements. A few suggestions.. Mainly from the pc game.

Characters with special powers, or green special power pegs? A green peg causes and explosion perhaps.
More levels obviously.. but a suggestion for them: Perhaps have solid objects in them? Or moving pegs? Perhaps the moving peg idea would be too graphics intensive for the ipod though.

Cheers for a great game, keep it up.

LgChicken said...

thanks people.
tj: i think ill make a few special powers (maybe a lucky dip to begin with, between the simpler powers like explosions or "spooky ball" ect.

i dont need more varied level design. I have a physics knolagable friend looking into more complicated, non circluar pegs.

I am able to have moving pegs with a quick hack job check i did, ild need to perfect that in the future for that feature.

thanks again for your emails and comments :)

LgChicken said...

sorry, i just realsied, i meant to type:
"i DO need more varied level design"
in the last comment, wasnt shunning your idea lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this game so much. I cant wait for another update. when might we b expecting one?

LgChicken said...

im not sure,
im kinda disheartend but this

Anonymous said...

don't let that get you down. just make a better version than them!

Brian said...

Yea, just keep on going!
AppStore doesn't come out until late June, which probably means early July X_X

Mark said...

I'm also sure that Pop Cap's version is not going to be free, that's another reason to keep going!

LgChicken said...

okay, ill work on this amid other projects,
(secret ones who's technolagy will help this grow aswell) all will become clear soon

Anonymous said...

Hey keep it going, its way too cool to just leave it!!:)
It already looks like very much fun, and i'm looking very much forward to the next update!